we’ll show you
the positive side of business

We are The Terrace.
We believe in positive change.
We help you conquer the world’s biggest challenges.
By starting positive today.
Using your purpose, using your power,
That’s how we do it.

know the hero within

We are a strategy boutique that co-creates with you the best possible world. We make courageous companies fly and we love brave brands that market their products in line with their values.

We help to find your purpose
and create a sustainable strategy for your business.

* positioning * business strategy * marketing strategy *

create the sound of your voice

Great campaigns cut right through the clutter.
The message is honest and authentic. The goal is sincere.
And always, always good for great change.

We help to find your authentic self in your communication
so you can leave your own positive mark on the world.

* branding * creative concepts * communication strategy *

show what you are doing

Sustainability is in your company’s agenda. Now it is time to share your story. Show your financial, social and environmental performance and how you create value not only to your business but also to society.

Integrated reporting will bring a holistic perspective into your business and share your story in an insightful, inspiring way.

* integrated reporting * stakeholder engagement *

connect to the wolf pack

Sure we are all responsible for our own future.
But changing the rules of the game means: system change.
Disruptive innovation. Cutting edge thinking. Collaboration.

We help you to connect to the industry and start
a dialogue with multiple stakeholders.

* multi-stakeholder dialogues *