we are the terrace

Our Values
Always remember the WHY

Form your own flywheel. Find your purpose. You can do it.
You can build momentum for something and take significant action for the positive change you want to see in the world. Push past all barriers and bring it to life. The world will not evolve to its greatest potential without your contribution. Your starting point and your inspiring force is your purpose. When there is no true answer to ‘why’, then why bother?

Make the complex simple

Great challenges can only be conquered with simple solutions. This can be done by taking baby steps in the right direction or by just a clever simple idea that solves everything. Complex solutions are never the answer.

Be not afraid

The road ahead is undefined. We don’t know what lies around the corner. Developing sustainability practices often demand cutting-edge thinking and the ability to innovate. We welcome the challenges that come with difficult pathways.

The People
Leontine Gast
Founding Partner & Managing director
Pierre Hupperts
Strategy director
Jacobien Crol
Strategy & stakeholders
Arnoud van der Zee
commercial director
Marjolein Baghuis
Strategy and Reporting
Ralph Kruijssen
Art Director
Daan van Kooten
Junior Creative
Nierika Hamaekers
strategy & communication
Gerno Kwaks
Advocacy & Stakeholder Management
Fleur Embrechts
Creative strategist
Martin Staniforth
Purposeful positioning expert
Quirine Cohen
research intern
the partners