Over the last few years we’ve created a reputation for a way we work: making the complex simple by offering creativity, commitment and courage.

what we offer

Our strategy practice assists you on your transformation to a sustainable integrated business.

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Our communication practice develops big ideas that put your societal and environmental efforts on stand.

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Our reporting team helps you create a report that not only provides insight into past performance but also inspiration for the future.

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Our dialogue practice offers project management for coalitions that want to tackle big societal or environmental challenges.

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These days competitive advantage flows to companies that know how to be relevant for customers and society alike. Winning organizations are embedding sustainability into their business and innovation strategies to capture growth opportunities, resource advantages and customer loyalty.


Organizations need a solid transformation strategy to compete in a world were societal and environmental values are becoming fundamental to succeed. With our wealth of experience we can help on this journey.


Companies spend more and more money to get their brand message across. This is not sustainable. Advertising just has to be done smarter and more honest to be able to create genuine connections with consumers.


We find territory where a human connection can be made and define the ideal way to do it. We sketch the perfect future for your product/brand and create fresh communication ideas that truly engages with your consumer.


Integrated thinking in the reporting cycle connects trends, resources, strategy and performance. It provides a holistic view of your organization and a great starting point for innovation and the discovery of new opportunities.


Organizations are accountable for their impacts and contributions to society in the short, medium and long term. Stakeholders expect transparency. We can help you build and share your story in a relevant and inspiring way - beyond financials.


We all have to be leaders in creating a better future, but it is just not possible to do everything alone. We offer project management and facilitating expertise for businesses and organizations that want to work together to tackle a societal or environmental challenge.


We act as both project leader and facilitator as well as setting up and maintaining the administration. We offer unmatched knowledge, political skills, rigor and humor. We make sure that everything runs smoothly and on time and add that fresh flavor to the whole process.