Our workshops and trainings are for professionals who are passionate about making a positive impact (just like us!). Are you looking to sharpen your brand positioning or brand purpose? Getting started on your sustainability report? Or do you want to get inspired on how to communicate about sustainability? Then maybe our workshops are just what you need to get ahead!

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Sustainability Reporting


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Brand Purpose


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CSR Essentials


Brand personality is at the centre of every great brand. In this Brave Brand Personalities workshop we help you (re)discover the personality of your own brand. By guiding you through your own and others’ communication materials, you will reflect upon your brand: is your tone of voice consistently telling who you are and what your message is?

Let us share our branding expertise with you to help you tell your own story and, more importantly, tell it well!

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Increasingly, companies and other organizations are publishing a sustainability report. And many are asking their key suppliers to also make their impact information accessible to external and internal stakeholders.

Is you organisation ready to kick-start or improve the process within their company? Then the Sustainability Reporting workshop is just right for you. It offers insight into the why and how of a sustainability report – and offers tips on what to do with it, once it’s ready.

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Does your brand want to make a positive impact on this world and on society? Strong communication is a must-have for making your brand purpose relevant and indispensable to others. In this workshop, we share how brands can become a source of inspiration for positive change.

With our practical guidance you will learn how to turn your brand purpose into meaningful communication messages. Wait no longer to communicate on sustainability! Join this workshop now. Keep on reading or register, 30 Oct.

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Brand Purpose should be at the centre of every decision the brand makes. It guides the way the brand is seen and valued by all stakeholders.

The aim of this intensive full-day training is to help brand managers and communication specialists to discover how to (re)define the purpose of their brand. Is your brand positioning in line with your true nature? How can you add purpose and turn this into new opportunities?

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Companies have the power to the change the world. Businesses have to step up and address their social and environmental impact. However, employees, marketeers, consultants and managers, the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is still abstract.

Through practical theory, playful exercises, and inspiring examples, the CSR Essentials training provides insight into the meaning CSR and what it means for your own organisation. At the end of this intensive full-day training you’re ready to get started on CSR!

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Prefer your training to be tailor made?

We have been successful in facilitating multi-disciplined teams to the next level. Our secret sauce is a mix of deep knowledge on the topics, the experience to get it done with the humor to keep it going. We offer tailor made training to guide teams to solutions for their Branding, CSR and Communication challenges. Please contact us to discuss what we can do to help you.

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