The Terrace is the agency for strategy and communication on sustainability

We inspire and activate our clients to make better, more meaningful choices and guide them to make it happen. We do this through our services: sustainability strategies & reports, branding, communication and stakeholder engagement.

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We combine sustainability consultancy and creative communication to bring your positive impact to life.

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October 29th, November 5th, November 12th

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Call it by its name: A plea to cherish the brave brands that accelerate the plant protein transition

It’s Dutch Food Week this week. This means all eyes are on (innovation) in the Dutch food sector for 7 days straight. One area where our…

ASICS: Dare to focus

This interview is part of The Terrace's '1.5-degree society campaign'. In this series we ask professionals: how is your organization…

Reporting for Positive Change: Communicate

How to leverage the content beyond the sustainability report

Once the sustainability report has been created and approved, it’s time to really communicate about the report (content). This is a key…

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