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At The Terrace we inspire and activate our clients to make better, more meaningful choices and guide them to make it happen. Are you curious about the people that make our positive change happen? Are you interested in how The Terrace was founded? Or are you perhaps looking for a vacancy? Then you’ve arrived at the right page!



The future needs all of our brains, hearts and hands

What characterizes The Terrace is our desire to make the world future proof; our intrinsic motivation to always be experts on the topic; our analytical ability to make the complex simple; and our creativity to develop innovative solutions.

To date, we have worked for over 115 clients. Ranging from multinationals to scale-ups and non-profit organisations. Sometimes our assignments last two months; some clients stay with us for years. And lots of clients come back for more!

More than just an advisor, our clients describe us as a true sparring partner in their CSR journey. We co-create, we support what is already there and we build trust in relationships. You can count on us to challenge the status quo to create a better business!

The Terrace was born out of impatience

Leontine Gast became the first CSR manager at the food retailer Albert Heijn. With the launch of the organic label AH Biologisch she proved to be a true pioneer in making sustainable products more mainstream.

After a nine-year journey at Albert Heijn, it was clear that making sustainable impact was a lengthy process. Leontine became impatient. She wanted to make more positive change – and faster, too. That’s why, in 2007, she created The Terrace with the ambition to help companies with their CSR challenges.

We became who we are with the help of a Thai restaurant

Pierre Hupperts joined The Terrace in 2011 as partner. He and Leontine met each other way before in the 1990s at the Social Venture Network. Since their first encounter they shared a Thai dinner at least once a year at Birdies on the Zeedijk. Their differences in personality and background combined with their joint ambition to drive businesses to be a force for good proved to be a great combination that led to fruitful results.

With the arrival of Pierre, our team and range of services expanded. Next to brand positioning and communication, we started offering more sustainability & strategy consultancy and stakeholder dialogues. A green heart connecting everything.



Our dynamic team is made up by a group of diverse people with different backgrounds and a shared ambition to make positive impact. Interested in joining our team? See our vacancies below or send an open application to

Strategy & sustainability consultant

Take action for sustainable impact! Come join our team and help us inspire our clients to think an act strategically on their role for positive change.

Strategy trainee

Are you ready to kickstart your career in sustainability? Once in a while we are looking for an enthusiastic and curious strategy trainee.

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