Dopper, on the verge of taking over the world: ‘the bottle with a message’

If you haven’t heard of Dopper yet, you’ve probably stayed indoors with the doors and windows shut and the wifi disconnected. Dopper is the ‘the bottle with a message’: the recycled plastic water bottle that you can drink from without any form of guilt. This fun company is striving for some serious changes such as the ban of single-use plastic, clean drinking water for everybody and environmental awareness for a better future. That sounds like some big, hairy and audacious goal! 

After attending our Brave Brands Positioning Workshop and learning more about defining purpose and finding your brand’s identity, the Dopper team called us for help. The organisation is in a huge transition and ready to take the leap to the next level. In the next couple of years Dopper will be entering new markets in several continents across the globe, with a particular focus on Germany. They wanted to be ready and feel 100% confident about Dopper’s brand positioning. For this the team needed to redefine their purpose and define who they are as a brand, and also, what they are not. 

New purpose. New power.

Together with the international team we created their new purpose. One that matches the dream of the founding fatherMerijn Everaarty and the Dopper change makers behind the brand. The challenge was to have focus and to not to be afraid of leaving important stuff out. After a few sessions with the team they noticed that by having focus, they gained a lot of clarity for their organisation. Everything seemed to come together. 

“Dopper wants to live in a world where we celebrate crystal clear waters.” 

We created this new purpose to show the real reason behind the team’s motivation. Dopper  was found because of the frustration of our disposable lifestyle and the plastic waste that pollutes our beautiful waters. Dopper is striving for
as our drinking water and the oceans should be. The new purpose also shows the Dopper heart: it’s strong-willed but happy and cheerful, inspiring others to join and live the life we want to live: clean, healthy and happy.


Who is the messenger? 

After defining the purpose we’ve now embarked on an adventurous journey to find the brand personality. After a few sessions + the application of the Brave Brands Model, we’ve hit the jackpot! I cant disclose more info at the moment but you’ll find out soon 😉

Interested to learn more about the Brave Brands Model or how to find your brand’s purpose and identity? Please give us a call! We’d be happy to tell you more about it.