Meet the positive change maker: Deike Robotta

  1. What made you decide to join Team Terrace? 

I was always excited about the potentials of communication in changing consumer behavior. But on top, I was looking for a company that allowed me to combine my interest in communication with my passion for sustainability. At The Terrace, I am excited to have found this golden combination. From now on, I am looking forward to create positive change through effective communication, creativity and thought leadership at The Terrace. 

  1. What did you do before joining the team?

Before starting at The Terrace, I obtained my Master of Science in Consumer Marketing. To explore the opportunities of marketing beyond its commercial motives, I studied the role of sustainability in the context of business and specifically marketing. That is why I researched the topic of demarketing in the scope of my Master thesis. In addition, I took part in the sustainability honors program of my university. That program did not only make me excited to work in the field of sustainability but specifically in consultancy. Various consultancy projects, e.g. on businesses’ roads to carbon neutrality or on the potential of green hydrogen in the energy transition, showed me that every client case is a new challenge and opportunity to gain new knowledge and make a positive impact. By the way, the first time I heart from The Terrace was via this honors program.   

  1. What kind of sustainability challenges do you personally care about most?

With my background in marketing, I was always interested in the potentials of changing consumer behavior for the good. Most importantly, I challenge the idea that life satisfaction is a function of material consumption. Because in the end of the day, the only way for me to contribute to a sustainable future is by consuming more consciously and more circular overall. 

  1. What kind of projects for which type of clients would you like work on? 

At The Terrace I am looking forward to work on a variety of projects. For example, I have started working on projects for NGOs and highly purpose-driven businesses. Besides, I am curious to experience the differences between supporting a non- and for-profit client on their sustainability journey. Especially, I am excited to facilitate clients in overcoming the barrier of rising consumer skepticism with honest and creative story-telling.  

  1. What would you like to learn in becoming a sustainability consultant?

We all have heard the word sustainability. But what exactly does it mean and entail? Sustainability is a big word, and the greatest skill and challenge is to make sustainability less overwhelming for businesses and consumers. I hope to learn how to combine the power of communication and creativity to make the urgency for sustainability understandable and tangible for everyone. 

  1. What does positive change mean to you? 

For me, positive change is all about inspiring others to question and improve the current way of doing things. But change in the right direction only happens as a collective effort. Therefore, my goal is to take leadership and inspire others to contribute to changing our unsustainable systems.