In addition to working for our clients, we like to share our experience and opinions. Read our blog posts below to get inspired and to learn more about some sustainable solutions for a better world!

Transform your sustainability reporting to a tool for a positive future

Here's our take on how to get more out of your sustainability reporting efforts. On how to make a report on the past…

Developing roadmaps for reporting – for positive change

A blog on the key learnings from The Terrace's workshop on sustainability reporting for companies just starting on…

Shared learning and action to reduce plastic waste

The Terrace hosted an event about plastic waste and the circular economy, as part of an OpenIDEO circular challenge.…

Join the OpenIDEO plastics circular design challenge on May 23!

Join us on May 23 at The Terrace in Amsterdam to explore how to reduce, reuse and recycle plastics in our lives. Let's…

In search of purpose for Fairphone: the power of purpose for brands

Blog on an inspiring evening where we applied our brand purpose model to Fairphone, a social enterprise that makes the…

Non-financial reporting: from comply and complain to explore and explain

The EU Directive is leading to increased noise about non-financial reporting. This blog outlines core elements of the…

The Terrace boosts reporting practice with Marjolein Baghuis

The Terrace is pleased to add Marjolein Baghuis to the team. She will lead the reporting practice with expertise and…

Can the Netherlands lead the way in how the world eats protein?

The Netherlands wants to lead the way to new plant-based eating that is healthier for both people and the planet.…

Top tips to cut the crap: tips to help you and your organisation improve reporting

Future-proof reports are clear, balanced, and focused on key issues. Here are four ways to help cut the crap for better…

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