In addition to working for our clients, we like to share our experience and opinions. Read our blog posts below to get inspired and to learn more about some sustainable solutions for a better world!

Have a bath before you open your kimono: sustainability reporting

If you're going to open your kimono, you better have a bath first. With the EU directive on non-financial reporting…

Dopper, on the verge of taking over the world: ‘the bottle with a message’

Dopper is the 'the bottle with a message': the recycled plastic water bottle that you can drink from without any form…

Bioplastics: when innovation empowers abundance, La Coppa

Biodegradable bioplastics are a growing niche market, the global bioplastics production capacity is set to grow 300% by…

Scoping Mission of the Colombian Coal Sector, report for the Dutch Parliament

Responsible coal mining has become a major topic on the Dutch political agenda.This Scoping Mission was carried out to…

Planned obsolescence and a 3D printed solution

Most products have a planned obsolescence, designed for break down (after a certain period). Why don't companies repair…

What to do with unexpected clients? – And how not to lose them

Bringing a new sustainable product to the market has a lot of consequences. One of them: new target groups. Does this…

Brand Purpose Model: what is the most beautiful thing you can do with your brand?

As a marketer your goal is to win fans and keep them. Make a difference. Show what moves you. But what is the best way…

Reducing food waste: beautiful work for ugly fruit and veggies

The world loses or wastes one-quarter to one-third of all food produced for human consumption. What if we started to…

Baby you can drive my car: business opportunities in the sharing economy

A new economy is on the rise. A growing number of companies are gaining interest in an sharing economy. Find out in…

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