At The Terrace we inspire and activate our clients to make better, more meaningful choices and guide them to make it happen. We do this through our services: sustainability strategy & reports, branding, communication and stakeholder engagement.Are you curious about the exact matters we can help you with? Have a look below!

  • Sustainability (CSR) strategy
  • Materiality analysis
  • Sustainability reporting
  • Circular Economy business innovation
  • CSR workshops, coaching & training
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  • Brand strategy
  • Purpose finding
  • Visual / corporate identity
  • Branding workshops & training
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  • Communication strategy
  • Sustainability reporting
  • Campaigns – creation and execution
  • Communication workshops & training
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  • Stakeholder strategy
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Stakeholder dialogue
  • Employee engagement
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Want to know more about how we work? Find out through the questions below!

How do we integrate sustainability efforts into our brand positioning?

We have developed a Brave Brand Positioning model that offers companies an integrated method to (re)define their purpose. We start with the question: “what is the most beautiful thing you can do with your brand?” and use the proven framework to translate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy and actions into the brand communications.

How can we engage our employees with our sustainability policy?

You want your employees to serve as the heroes for your sustainability policy. This means that they need to understand what the goals are and how they can be part of its successful implementation. We help them to feel part of a team working to create positive impact.

What is the best way to communicate about sustainability?

We believe communication about sustainability should be frank, simple and positive. But most importantly, it needs to hit home with your employees, customers and other partners. We work with the framework “the good-the bad and the promising”!

We have invested significantly into sustainability, how do we translate this into customer value?

Customers in growing numbers are falling in love with brands that set an inspiring example and make us feel good. It starts with showing (potential) customers what you stand for. The secret sauce is the way you communicate your most important drivers and results.

Sustainability is becoming a hygiene factor: how do we maintain a lead position in a more competitive environment?

Sustainability is a journey and innovation is key in order to keep ahead. We have always been at the forefront of transformation and know which next steps make sense for your company.

We like to hear the voices of stakeholders to review our strategies; who can help us?

We speak the language of business, government and non-profit. On top of that, we have many years of experience with stakeholder consultations and analysis.

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