Taking more action every year

Action is a non-food discounter, which has rapidly grown to nearly 1600 stores in seven European countries. The company realizes that more Action goes hand in hand with an increasing responsibility towards customers, employees, business partners and society. In 2019, Action updated its Action Social Responsibility strategy, which included alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals.


In its annual Update, Action presents the company’s results. For 2019, the ambition was to be much more transparent on the Action Social Responsibility strategy, activities and performance.


The Terrace supported Action to deliver an inspiring Update2019.

  • To select the most important, material topics for the report, we led an interactive workshop with a multidisciplinary team, combining insights from stakeholder interviews with survey results.
  • To make the report more fact-based and substantive, we guided Action in the selection of KPIs and the process to collect data across the company.
  • To create a legible, easy to navigate report, we developed a content strategy, turned rough drafts from various sources into full copy, and developed and executed the creative concept centered around Taking more Action every year.

Positive change 

The result was an inspiring Update2019 which:

  • Shares how Action takes more action every year, in the areas of product, people, environment and citizenship;
  • Makes Action’s management and employees proud of what has been achieved and aware of what needs to be done;
  • Aligns – for the first time – with the reporting standards of the Global Reporting Initiative and better meets the criteria of the Transparency Benchmark.