All hands on deck for a better textile industry


The clothing and textile sector is facing many complex challenges throughout the supply chain, such as child labour and the health and safety of garment workers. To improve CSR in the textile supply chain, the Social-Economic Council facilitated an international corporate social responsibility (ICSR) covenants covenant for the sector.


The objective was to realize substantial improvements for those who suffer from the negative impacts of the sector, and to come up with joint solutions, which could not have been realized by businesses alone.


Pierre Hupperts, partner at the Terrace, is the Chairman of the international CSR covenant on sustainable clothing and textile. In his role, he was responsible for:

  • Facilitating talks between businesses, government, civil society organizations and trade unions
  • Reaching compromises between the different parties that were both realistic and ambitious
  • Overseeing the draft of a text that reflected all the relevant issues and the agreements that were made between the participants.


As Chairman, Pierre Hupperts was successful in leading the different parties to come to an agreement. This has led to the ICSR covenant on Sustainable Clothing and Textile, which was signed by over sixty clothing and textile companies. All signatories and other partners are now working to improve CSR conditions throughout the supply chain.

IMVO Convenanten
IMVO Convenanten