Running a smarter and stronger materiality course


ASICS wants to inspire more people to move body and mind, to create a stronger world. Their sustainability framework moves people to be smarter for the planet through products and operations, and to be stronger for people through the supply chain, health & well-being and communities.


As the 2016-2020 sustainability strategy comes to a close, it was time for ASICS to start crafting the next phase of their sustainability strategy. ASICS wanted to update the materiality matrix to serve as the foundation of the new plan.


The Terrace supported ASICS to develop a new materialitMateriality workshop ASICS Japany matrix.

  • To deepen the insight into the interests and expectations of external and internal stakeholders, a joint team of ASICS and The Terrace interviewed 10 people.
  • To broaden and quantify the insights, 180 consumers, employees, senior management and other external stakeholders completed our online survey;
  • To combine all insights with the corporate strategy and the brand vision, we led an interactive workshop with the global sustainability team.


The result was an updated, more focused materiality matrix which:

  • Will inform and support ASICS’s new sustainability strategy;
  • Brought a new level of engagement with external stakeholders;
  • Connected the sustainability team and many others within the ASICS organization;
  • Executive leadership was happy to approve;
  • We celebrated with a team dinner and karaoke in Kobe, Japan!