Cleaner planet plan: towards a cleaner detergent category


Unilever is a global company selling fast-moving consumer goods. Their purpose is to make sustainable living commonplace.


Unilever saw the opportunity for an initiative to make the ‘home care’ category more sustainable. The Cleaner Planet Plan was set up, with the goal to reduce the usage of detergent and packaging materials, and decreasing CO2 emissions. The ambition was to convert all concentrated liquid detergents to super concentrated formulas. To set up the Cleaner Planet Plan properly and to ensure credibility they needed an experienced partner…


The Terrace guided the brand team towards a vision to integrate sustainability into the category of washing and cleaning products.

  • We conducted global research to identify the mayor environmental topics to tackle, facilitated brainstorms that resulted in a detailed brief on the environmental innovation needed to delver on the desired change.
  • When ready to launch we supported the communication and engagement with retail partners.


  • We delivered a clear and inspiriting Vision paper that was implemented and lead to the retail launch of the “Klein & Krachtig” concept.
  • We started the internal Green team for with the aim to build awareness and engagement among employees.


“The expertise of The Terrace helped us to bring the Cleaner Planet Plan faster and more credible to the market.”

Robbert de Vreede – Vice President Foods & Digital Transformation, Unilever Benelux