Creative campaign for an international consortium in gold mining

Simavi & Solidaridad

Ghana and Tanzania are the second and fourth largest producers of gold in Africa. Women working in Ghanaian and Tanzanian gold mines and surrounding communities face discrimination at multiple levels: they are looked down upon, have very few rights, get the worst paid jobs, and often face sexual violence. To empower these women, three non-profit organizations – Solidaridad, Simavi and Healthy Entrepreneurs – joined forces.


The non-profit consortium aimed to form one strong brand, but since each organization had its own expertise, they were faced with the challenge to arrive at unambiguous, clear and joint communication.


  • We provided guidance in the decision making process on how improve internal communication between the three organizations.
  • We created “The Golden Line”, a new brand, visual identity and communication concept that enabled the consortium to work under a shared umbrella towards a diverse group of stakeholders. From the local communities, programmes from the United Nations and buyers of gold.


  • The concept of “The Golden Line” enabled the non-profit organisations to collaborate and present themselves as a unified project.
  • The strong branding elements show a great potential for creating more connectedness and involvement with all stakeholder levels.