Crystal clear positioning for crystal clear water


By offering an innovative product line of sustainable design bottles for drinking water, Dopper is battling against single-use plastic and aims to increase active awareness regarding the impact of disposable plastic worldwide. When Dopper entered the market, sales figures started growing at a fast pace.


Because of the rapid international growth the brand purpose was interpreted a little different in the many countries by the many new-hires. The marketing branding team felt the need to reflect on the brand to realign everybody with one true, crystal clear purpose!


The Terrace facilitated this brand purpose journey.

  • We hosted a series of working sessions in which we defined the brand personality. This meant that we had to make a set of choices for the brand: what does the brand stand for and what does that mean for the business decisions? What was on and off the design strategy?
  • We enabled Dopper to formulate again one single-minded brand purpose.


Brave brands such as Dopper already have a strong feeling for brand purpose; they just need a little push to find the right focus. By guiding Dopper through our Brand Purpose Model we provided the right setting to make the right choices. A starting point for successful communication, collaboration and innovation.