Mobilizing employees globally to take action for sustainability

Danone believes the health of people and the planet are interconnected. The company aims to contribute to healthy lives on a healthy planet as part of its One Planet. One Health frame of action. This frame of action is engrained in all of the company’s activities, from product development to the supply chain, steering actions and innovations in factory floors and board rooms. In the Specialized Nutrition business of Danone the idea came to bring this further by engaging the people working at different production sites worldwide to come up with more initiatives from the ground up and accelerate Danone’s One Planet. One Health ambition. In 2020, supported by The Terrace, Danone launched this activation program for sustainability: The One Planet Champion program.

Designing an internal sustainability training

Danone commits to operating in an efficient, responsible and inclusive manner; it holds itself to the highest standards in doing business, as reflected by its ambition to become one of the first multinationals certified as B Corp. As a B Corp ourselves, we were very happy to support Danone in growing its impact. The joint goal for positive change for this collaboration between Danone and The Terrace was: To mobilize a diverse group of employees at production sites to become the eyes and ears for sustainability, to take action where they can, and to create a movement where more people will join in. The first step of the program was a specific sustainability training, that meant to cover the 25 production sites. Danone asked The Terrace to help turn this training into an engaging and interactive session, hence it was designed to be:

  • User-centric – Putting the day to day experience of employees at the center of the program. For this input of different production was collected, for instance in Ireland, Iran, The Netherlands and Germany.
  • Tailored – Combining innovative examples of different Specialized Nutrition production sites with local context examples to inspire local action.
  • Interactive – Designed in a way to get into action and design sustainable business ideas applicable to the production site.


“The Terrace helped us to think from the perspective of the receiver of the program. This led to the design of a program where they can contribute with their own

ideas for sustainability at Danone.”

– Brigitta Nemes, Sustainability Manager Danone Specialized Nutrition


Taking the training to employees across the globe

In four months, a team at The Terrace supported Danone. As a result the One Planet Champion training was delivered with:

  • Four interactive modules, that can be used chronologically as well as separately, covering sustainability at Danone, zooming in to the specific production site and attendees of the training. These modules can be facilitated both online and offline.
  • A toolbox with training materials to be used independently by the different production sites throughout the process, from recruiting attendees to delivering the training and its follow up.

From a pilot to positive change

With organizing a pilot training in Malaysia and The Netherlands, the program was officially launched. The best sign of this initiative creating a ‘positive change’ is when we heard that attendees shared the business solutions they came up with widely and beyond the production site itself. This is an exciting example of how local action can accelerate a wider movement. With the One Planet Champion program currently rolling out, Danone Specialized Nutrition is now exploring ways to use the program in other aspects of the business too.