Define csr strategy and report on sustainability


TMG is one of the largest news media companies in the Netherlands. In our rapidly changing information society, the role of media companies such as TMG is becoming increasingly important.


Next to creating financial return for their shareholders, it is expected more and more from companies to contribute to the creation of lasting non-financial value for all stakeholders. TMG wanted to strengthen their performance on sustainability.


  • The Terrace was brought in to co-develop an inspiring CSR/sustainability strategy. And so we did! Working closely with the department Corporate Development and Communication we presented to the Board and got the go ahead for the implementation.
  • We started by crafting a full KPI framework that was accepted by the staff that was responsible.
  • Internal engagement: the next steps was to support and facilitate the internal engagement by designing an activity plan including speaker sessions, company wide challenges and the internal communications.
  • Integrated reporting, We became part of the annual report working group as experts on integrating the sustainability strategy, plans and results into the annual report.


  • A robust sustainability strategy supported by a KPI framework and internal engagement plan
  • Integrated annual report