Kickstarting a sustainable strategy around clean air


Plymovent is a leading supplier of products, systems and services that provide clean air at work. These products contribute to cleaner, safer and healthier workplaces around the world.


After reading the book Doughnut Economics, Plymovent’s CEO wondered: “Our products already contribute to a better world, so how do we make Plymovent more sustainable as a company?” As a result, sustainability was placed high on the agenda for the 2018 senior management summit.


The Terrace helped to kick-start the integration of sustainability into the business model:

  • We developed workshop and homework materials to raise awareness and to create a shared sense of urgency;
  • In a half-day workshop, we actively engaged all 20 participants through sharing of their favorite examples, brainstorming through different lenses, and selecting focus areas to pursue.


At the end of the workshop, Plymovent had:

  • The outline of a sustainable business model, going far beyond the sustainability strategy we intended to create;
  • Its entire international senior leadership engaged with the topic of sustainability, including those people who were initially quite reluctant.