Bringing the PEFC brand to life for all stakeholders


The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) is an international, non-profit organization promoting Sustainable Forest Management through independent third party certification. PEFC works throughout the entire forest supply chain to ensure that timber and non-timber forest products are produced with the highest ecological, social and ethical standards. PEFC is the largest Sustainable Forest Management eco-label around the globe.


PEFC Nederland has the ambition to structurally increase the awareness of its brand and label amongst businesses in the timber and paper industries. For this, a few years ago PEFC-NL was looking for a reliable partner who could not only think along with this challenge, but also help in the execution; one that could provide strategic (brand) advise and simultaneously bring creative concepts to life. That partner became, and still is, The Terrace.

PEFC Netherlands approached us with the need to increase brand awareness amongst businesses in the timber and paper industries.


To help grow the PEFC brand in the Netherlands on a B2B level we:

  • Created a powerful visual identity that reflects the professionalism and trustworthiness of the brand, the label.
  • Designed numerous communication materials (online and print); redesigned their website; created content for their social media channels; and executed social media advertisement campaigns.
  • Designed and executed a series of short docu-films titled “Hout met Hartstocht” (in English “Wood with Passion”), where we followed different people in the timber and paper supply chain who share the passion for forest products and work with wood or paper. This campaign aimed at creating a sense of brand unity for those using the PEFC label.


The continuous collaboration between PEFC Netherlands and The Terrace has led to:

  • Great brand continuity and brand consistency across communication efforts.
  • A strong online visibility.
  • A steady increase in online engagement.
  • A long-lasting, collaborative client-relationship.