Serious about chocolate & sustainability reporting
Tony’s Chocolonely

Tony’s Chocolonely wants to make chocolate slavery-free. Not just their own chocolate, but all chocolate. As part of this ambition to change the entire industry, they publish an annual report. In this, they highlight how their recipe for slavery-free chocolate provides value for all stakeholders, from the smallholder cocoa farmers in Africa to the shareholders.


To make the annual report resonate with large chocolate companies, Tony’s has published its reports in accordance with the sustainability reporting guidelines by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) for years. For the 2016/2017 report, the ambition was to report according to the new sustainability reporting standards.


The Terrace supported Tony’s Chocolonely to deliver an engaging annual report.

  • We first worked with Tony’s interdisciplinary team to create a clear structure for the report, meeting both the needs of Tony’s to tell its story and the requirements of the new GRI standards;
  • In parallel, we worked with Tony’s senior management to analyze the stakeholder engagement survey and to determine the material topics to be included in the report;
  • During the writing process, The Terrace’s reporting expert Marjolein challenged Team Tony’s on the submitted materials, liaised with the auditing team at PwC, made sure the content matched the materiality matrix and the GRI standards, and created the GRI Content Index.


The result was yet another inspiring edition of Tony’s annual report which:

  • Is clear, engaging and relevant to Tony’s various stakeholders;
  • Was well on time to be handed out and presented at Tony’s FAIR;
  • Was one of the first 200 reports in the world using the new GRI standards (and which swiftly completed the Content Index check from GRI);
  • Included lovely thank you for Marjolein for her infectious enthusiasm and thorough review!
Tony's Chocolonely
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